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BunnyBud Books publishes The Rainbow Series: Dogs Who Help. This is an on-going series of nonfiction children's books, some sprinkled with a bit of fantasy here and there. They are about real dogs who help others in various ways. Created by experienced service dog trainers, these books appeal to children ages 4 - 10. Because they are nonfiction and illustrated with color photographs of the actual dogs in action, these books educate as well as entertain. They encourage children to learn to read and love it, and all have at least one important life 'lesson'. For details on each book as well as excerpts, please visit the BunnyBud Store. In addition to the books, BunnyBud Books is offering various coordinating items such as coloring booklets, activity pages, bookmarks, vinyl stickers, various word puzzles, t-shirts, and special packages designed to help you start your own Rainbow Reading Buddies Book Club (posters, display 'dogs', etc.). Please Contact Us for information about these fun additions.

To purchase these books you may order directly from our website using the PayPal credit card option, or check/money order/cashier's check (use the order form included in the Book Store).

The authors would love to hear from you, so please feel free to Contact Us with feedback, questions, etc… please put "dog chat" in the subject line.

We hope you enjoy the books in this series!
Deborah Hall, Donna Vaquer, and the Rainbow Dogs!